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Rotavators are commonly used to upturn and dig through grass and soil at a shallow level. They replace manual digging and make the job a lot easier. The rotavators for sale on the SGM website range from small hand operated machines to larger industrial machines. In other words we possess both garden rotavators and commercial units too.

Advice for choosing a rotavator - When looking at rotavators for sale you are faced with a few different choices. The first will be your fuel preference; whether you want to use petrol or diesel. The second choice is then whether you want second hand equipment or new machinery.

Once you have this decided you will want to address the issue of size and scale. Do you need the rotavator for a large extensive patch of ground, or a smaller area like a lawn or alotment? All of these factors should come into consideration when choosing a rotavator. Once you have considered these points you will be able to make the best decision possible based on your needs.

Bonus tip: If you are working on a budget or do not have the cash to purchase a rotavator for sale then you can also rent one for a shorter period of time.