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This guide will give you some key advice as to what to look for and what to ask when buying second hand lawn mowers. This guide is suitable to refer to when buying pre-owned walk behind lawn mowers and second hand ride on lawn mowers.

The aim is to help new buyers know what to look out for, and hopefully give experienced buyer a quicker refresher in the basics.

The first thing you should look at when buying second hand lawn mowers is the external condition. This will be the first thing you see and what your first impressions are made from. This is important as the external appearance of a lawnmower can give you clues to how it has been taken care of. You may be able to tell if it has been a commercially used vehicle or a garden maintenance tool from its appearance. The obvious things to look out for are damaging rust, bumps and dents. The presence of these can sometimes but not always indicate if second hand lawn mowers have been used for heavy duty work or handled roughly.

The next thing you should be looking into is what the mower’s usage history is. Was it privately owned garden machinery, ex-rental, ex-display or a commercial company used machine? All of these details will also help you determine the value that is presented in specific second hand lawn mowers.

Finally it also comes down to price. Is the price right for you? You shouldn’t always expect to get used machines cheaper than the price of a low end new mower. What you can expect to get though is a machine that is of superior quality, longevity and will provide better results. Buying used lawn mowers is a wise move to get a quality machine for a lot less. Discount second hand models provide a lot of value to the end user.

This guide is mainly focused around petrol lawn mowers but the same knowledge also applies to electric lawn mowers too.