Snow clearing equipment from SGM

snow clearing equipment and machinery

SGM have a wide range of high quality snow clearing equipment for sale. As one of Europe's leading groundcare suppliers we have the expertise and connections to source the very best products at reasonable prices. You can view our range of products to manage snow and ice below.

Snow Shovels

SGM stock three different snow shovel models ranging from a compact/portable plastic shovels to aluminium ergonomic shovels. Our range is suitable for an array of situations from digging your car out of snow to clearing large areas of path/road.

You can view and purchase our snow shovels in the winter products section of the 'Garden Machinery' category.

Snow Blowers

Our snow blowers are high quality and durable using a two stage process for maximum effectiveness. Snow blowers are easy to operate walk behind machines that can clear large areas of dense snow quickly. They can save contractors and people working on large areas a great deal of time.

You can view and purchase our snow blower range by clicking the following link.

Snow Plows

Snow plows/ploughs are designed for heavy duty snow clearance on roads and paths. They can be attached to the front of utility vehicles, trucks, compact tractors and other compatible larger vehicles. When purchasing a snow plow you should make sure you are getting a durable and quality piece of equipment. SGM can guarantee this as an established supplier of groundcare equipment.

You can view and purchase our used snow plows and new snow plows in our 'Machinery Sales' category.

Salt Spreaders

Salt spreaders are a great way to increase the efficiency and speed of making icy areas of ground safe. Instead of spreading rock salt & grit manually you can use a walk behind or towed salt spreader to make the job easier. This allows you to cover a large area of ground quickly whilst getting an even spread.

You can view our walk behind salt spreaders at the following page and our towed spreaders can be found in the winter maintenance section of our 'New Machinery' sales category.